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Recloser Bypass Disconnects are used in combination with a separately mounted S&C Loadbuster Disconnect® Switch to bypass and isolate automatic circuit reclosers for maintenance or inspection. These station-type devices are also suitable for other applications, such as bypassing and isolating current transformers.

S&C Recloser Bypass Disconnects are available in voltage ratings of 14.4 kV, 25 kV, and 34.5 kV and, depending on which S&C Recloser Bypass Disconnect is specified, can be applied on circuits having a continuous current level through 600 amperes.

Recloser Bypass Disconnects consist of a fuse — an S&C Type SMD-20, Type SMD-40, or Type SM-5® Power Fuse, or an S&C Type XS Fuse Cutout (depending on the available fault and continuous current levels of the application) — in series with an integral S&C Loadbuster Disconnect. The fuse is inserted into the device to protect the circuit while the recloser is out of service.

Recloser Bypass Disconnects are alternately available with a second Loadbuster Disconnect (in place of the fuse) for applications where devices other than protective equipment are being bypassed for maintenance or inspection.

S&C’s Recloser Bypass Disconnects are manufactured in accordance with a quality system certified to ISO9001:2000.

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50/60-Hz RatingsFuse Type
Nom.MaxBILCont.Mom. Asym.MaxInterr., Sym.
60 Hz50 Hz
14.4 15 110 600 40 000 100 7 100 5 680 XS Fuse Cutout
200 7 100 5 680 XS Fuse Cutout
15.5 110 600 40 000 200E or 200K 14 000 11 200 SMD-20
400E 25 000 20 000 SMD-40
400E 34 000 27 200 SM-5
25 27 150 600 40 000 100 5 300 4 240 XS Fuse Cutout
200E or 200K 12 500 10 000 SMD-20
300E 20 000 16 000 SM-5
400E 20 000 16 000 SMD-40
34.5 38 200 900 40 000 200E or 200K 10 000 8 000 SMD-20

  Furnished with a second S&C Loadbuster Disconnect in place of the fuse.

Recloser Bypass Disconnect with SMD-20 Power Fuse

Recloser Bypass Disconnect with SMD-40 Power Fuse

Recloser Bypass Disconnect with SM-5 Power Fuse

Recloser Bypass Disconnect with Type XS Fuse Cutout

Recloser Bypass Disconnect with a second Loadbuster Disconnect® in place of fuse

Recloser Bypass Disconnect Type RA